For the most part, content-less. But feel free to jump to drawing, photography, glass, design, web, the early years, or other stuff.

Well, once again, all of my stuff is in Davis. And if I were in Davis and had a scanner, you might be able to see some of the stuff from my sketchbooks and other assorted pieces of "art." Actually, I do have something that I drew while I was waiting for a database to load at work... I pretty much have only worked with pencil, pen & ink, and charcoal. I've attempted painting but I don't consider myself a "painter"--I don't know enough for that!

All amateur stuff, but there are a couple of lucky shots that I like! Those are in Davis, too. But here's one of my favorite ones of the Getty Center. And you've also seen my black and white pictures of Daniel and Megan in the family photo album.

I've made four stained glass pieces and two paperweights to date. Glass is neat. My biggest project was making a border for a full-length mirror. It hangs on the wall of my Davis apartment now.

Literary magazines, fliers, t-shirts. But for now, the most you'll see is this tiny part of a t-shirt that I designed for my church group in Davis.

Web Pages:
I don't know if I dare call myself a web-page designer yet, but I'm in the process of becoming one (hopefully)! Here are some things that I've practiced on (mostly from work):

  • The Crazy Intern Web Site that I put up (on my own time, of course... ahem!) at work. My fellow co-workers helped it to grow (you can see a picture of us at the site). Who knows how long Co-nect will tolerate its existence, so look at it before it's too late...
  • Co-nect Project Bank's fake bad projects. For part of my summer job, I had to make fake "bad projects" for the project database. The projects in ProjectBank are from Co-nect's first project contest; you can see some "real" projects if you take off "Math" from the URL. I worked on putting some of those projects up, too. Anyway, this particular project is "bad" because the "driving question" is never answered by the student work. I had fun making the fake PowerPoint presentations (and making one of them look as tacky as possible) but not so much fun trying to write the fake paper (you can see these if you click the "student work" link).
  • Another fake bad project about pillbugs! I had a little too much fun with this one. Besides making ridiculous student work, I kind of went on a power trip and put in the names of my co-workers.
  • My last fake bad project. This one was a community service-type project where the kids wrote letters to elderly people--a nice thing to do, but the project is weak in terms of curriculum. I stuck my co-workers and some work-related jokes in the student work again. Surprisingly enough, in Co-nect's project workshop, some people vehemently declared that they thought this "project" was better than some of the "real" ones.
  • A recent job was to redesign Co-nect Schools' on-line telecollaborative projects: Watt's Up, Online Writing Mentoring, Picture Perfect, Environmental Health, The Media, Selecting the President, KeyPals, Scoobie. Created all project-related images; made templates. I had fun drawing the pictures. It's not complete yet, so expect a lot of dead links. Okay, so the design isn't completely mine--we got it to look more like the Co-nect site "look," but I pretty much did all the grunt work and most of the creative work. But part of this site has my first attempt at coloring things in Photoshop.
  • Prytanean Women's Honor Society's web site.

The Early Years:
Ideally, this area would link to pictures of stuff that I drew when I was really little.

Even though some people think I'm artistic, I really know very little about art. But I like Thomas Kinkade. And I like my sister's stuff. And I have some other friends whose work I like, too.

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