I'm definitely not athletic, and I am overwhelmingly uncoordinated, but I still like playing basketball. I can't dribble worth beans or make lay-ups, either, but usually the people that I play with are nice enough not to mind!

In freshman year, I started going to the rec hall with two other guys from my dorm--Andrew and Tim. To guarantee ourselves a court, we'd walk to the rec hall at 6:30 in the morning. Pretty soon, another guy named Michael joined us, and there were a couple of other times when other people from our dorm would join us, too.

Well, the tradition continued! Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Tim drives his van around and picks up the basketball group. Interestingly enough, even though we live farther from the rec hall, more people play with us now! The most we've had was thirteen people; otherwise we range from seven to eleven (and on the worst days, four). Friends outside of the dorm play with us, and sometimes even random people who are around in the rec hall play with us. In spring quarter, we're going to switch to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, since many people may be graduating and leaving us.

I like watching basketball, too, but I don't watch religiously at all. With a houseful of guys next door, though, I watch a lot more than I probably would on my own.

Pretend that there are pictures of the people that I play with here.

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