I haven't really had the energy to try to go through everything and write little things about my friends. In other words, this page is under construction.


  • Mary Tang--one of my earliest friends. We started going to the same school in second grade and were soon close allies. Mary encouraged my silly poem writing.
  • Lian Leong--part of my "other" family. We met in high school biology when she was sophomore and I was a freshman. We sat next to each other and were lab partners because we were seated by our last names. After a few weeks of thinking the other person was as shy as a mouse, we found out that we were really kindred spirits and started having lots of fun! When my parents moved to Fremont, I stayed with Lian's family on the weekdays. We would write silly stories and draw Disney characters. In later years, we'd take studio pictures together (well, we've done that twice) and write very long letters to each other.
  • Angela Chow--apparently, we knew each other in Illinois, when we were too young to remember. But Angela was definitely one of my oldest friends in Fremont. We ended up at the same church and she showed me the ropes. We played piano together, worked on high school projects together, illegally copied tapes from each other, and gave each other letters covered with the ugliest stickers we could find. Angela has honored me by naming me her pound puppy's godmother (his name is Pistachio). Angela found out that she had ovarian cancer at the end of sophomore year of college and after a year and a half of battling it, passed away. You can read more about her in my 2000 Christmas Newsletter.
  • Bonnie Lau--it's all her fault that I'm sorta into X-files. In high school we used to regularly go to her house and watch Friends and X-files. Bonnie was part of the "ramp group" (which included Cynthia, Karen, Ramona, Deepali, Vicki, Bhawana, and Rachel). In high school, we ate lunch on a concrete "ramp" between the administrative building and the library.
  • Cynthia Cheung--perhaps one of my oldest friends, because we knew each other when we were infants! I have a picture of the two of us as cute babies (actually, maybe Cynthia has it right now). But alas, she moved to the west coast before we even had a chance to remember each other. When I went to Mission San Jose High School, I started hanging out with Cynthia and her friends, and to our surprise, we found out that we used to "know" each other! Cynthia has a home page, too, but I'm not sure how often it's updated.
  • James Lin--besides having a cool last name, he also has a cool web site. One of the few people that I e-mail regularly (and even then, not very regularly), James is in denial about his artistic skills. He validates my HTML and he also validates me.
  • Karen Cheng--the smartest girl around (I like being able to say that). Plus, she's quite talented! Karen comes up with all sorts of names for me--I think she's the one who first came up with "inCorriegible."
  • Ramona Tumber--She introduced me to Top Gun and Dirty Dancing, for which I am grateful. We always seemed to end up in the same classes--perhaps an indication of how we related on all levels. Here's her homepage from 1996.
  • My dorm.
  • Amber Pasricha--my roommate for two quarters during junior year and my housemate during the first year after college. It was kind of a random chance that we ended up together, but as it turned out, she loved Disney and we ended up having a lot of mutual acquaintances! Her boyfriend, Taylor, lived with four guys that I knew (to various degrees) from church, and she knew all of their girlfriends, who were also from church. Then it turned out that one of her best friends lived with a guy named Kerr. I had met him freshman year and then hadn't seen him for a while, and when Monica lived with us, she had invited him over. Small world! Anyway, Amber also loves Star Trek and watches it religiously. It's her fault that I kind of started to watch Voyager.
  • Jennie Mackey--my heart's friend. We were in the same Bible study freshman year and found a kindred spirit in the other. Jennie has given me empathy, grace, truth, and love when I most needed it. Her friendship is a grace-gift from God.
  • Leslie Manace--my first roommate. We found that we liked laughing at weird things together. Leslie and I managed to stay up until three in the morning sometimes, disturbing the rest of the dorm with our laughter. We also had the most-rearranged-room of the dorm--we rearranged our furniture nine times! The most ambitious rearrangement was when we flipped the entire room around to make a mirror image, down to where the posters were placed on the walls. It confused a lot of people. We were also well-known for our Door, which was always filled with quotes and random hand-made signs. Leslie and I had two years of rooming together before she decided to transfer to Amherst, where she now has random run-ins with people who look a lot like Natalie Portman but claim that they aren't her.
  • Lucy Hammer and I became friends through Bible study the year after college and started meeting weekly to talk and pray. She was there from the beginning when Steve and I started dating, and we'd encourage each other in our respective relationships (and in other areas of life). I appreciate Lucy's wisdom, insight, and incredibly positive attitude!
  • Mabel Chan--another of my former housemates (of three years plus a year in the dorms), who happens to have an identical twin (she goes to Berkeley). She was across the hall from Mandy. We're also going on our third year together! Thanks to the MCAT, I barely saw her last year, but we managed to have fun when we did see each other. One of Mabel's famous quotes is "I like big mushrooms." She always manages to come home with the biggest mushroom in Safeway. Mabel and I have often been design-layout buddies, starting in freshman year when we designed the dorm yearbook and most recently with Seele (the lit mag for undergrads at UCD). This involved a lot of late-nights and degrading sanity.
  • Mandy Heitz--one of my housemates during college and the year after. We were just down the hall from each other in the dorms and discovered that we both lived in Fremont. We've been housemates for two years and are going for the third... Mandy has had several fish and as of last year, became the owner of a parakeet. There were several debates over what his name should be and he ended up as "Jeorge." He used to be "Jorge," pronounced "George," but Mandy decided it was too confusing. Mandy was responsible for most of the decorations in our apartment and there have been many heated discussions about how soon streamers should come down after parties/birthdays between her and the rest of the house.
  • Monica Stoner--my roommate for a quarter during junior year . She also has an identical twin, Paula, who goes to Davis. Monica is one of the most positive people that I know. We had great fun (and great talks) before she went off to Italy, and with her different circle of acquaintances, we had a pretty lively house!
  • Steve. I like him a lot. We started going out in late October of 2000.
  • Vivian Ku--also my housemate during those three last years of college. She was one of Mabel's suitemates. Through a series of dramatic incidents, Vivian and I got to know each other quite well and had a whole bunch of deep talks. She has had close encounters with cute pigs. She would sometimes stay up later than I did!

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