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Wedding pictures, hopefully.

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What's New?
9.20.02 Yay, finally moved to a new server with no annoying pop-up windows! Steve and I are married and happy. I need to start working on updates and pictures of the wedding, of course.
12.19.01 Christmas Newsletter is out!
11.1.01 I set up a "Wedding Web" where you can find out more about me and Steve and our wedding. Get a cup of hot chocolate because there's a lot of reading!
10.22.01 Guess what? I'm engaged! Find out more on my What's Up? page.
8.25.01 Yes, I moved again!
7.23.01 New contact info! Also updated What's Up.
4.18.01 Finally wrote a little thing about what I do at work and updated my resume. Also updated Reading, What's Up? and got rid of the email address on the Contact page.
3.21.01 More Thoughts.
2.07.01 Fixed all the pages so that they size correctly and so that you can see the red lines. Then I updated my schedule, put up more thoughts, added an entry to What's Up, updated music and reading pages, the facts page, my friends page, and, what will probably interest you the most, put up a picture of Steve!
1.24.01 Finally, finally, finally! I got myself together and put together a belated Christmas Newsletter!