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About my job...
"So, what are you doing now?"

I'm working full time for an internet company, Advantrics, in Davis. It's great because I can bike to work if I want to, bring in the dog if I want to, go to work at 8:00 am or 10:00 am, and be creative and technical at the same time!

My "work" falls into one of three categories on any given day...

  • Web site maintenance and/or design:
    We provide web hosting to a couple of different clients. Some of those clients want site makeovers, so I get to have fun creating a new web site! Other clients want tedious edits made to their pages. One of the most tedious is a house rental company who changes their rental rates every three weeks, and guess who gets to go through the numbers and change everything? Some of the sites I've worked on are: The Bristol San Diego, V Santoni (user: demo, pass: guest), McCormick Beverages (user: demo, pass: guest), and Verstrada, Inc.. I've also redesigned on PixelMill, one of our companies, and am working on some other sites for our companies.
  • Designing FrontPage themes and templates:
    Microsoft FrontPage has "themes" that help to change the look of a site -- they define the background color or image, color of text, navigation buttons, etc. There's also a way to create "page templates" that define a page layout and even "web templates" that define a site structure. This makes it really easy for people to make web sites with FrontPage even if they don't know the technicalities of HTML. Anyway, I design lots of themes and templates and sell them in PixelMill under the name of John Galt. I even have my own web site: John Galt's Tools! My themes are selling really well... what's cool is that I get a 10% commission on the profits!
  • Experimental Flash work:
    Flash is this cool software that allows you to do animations and cool user interfaces. I'm still learning, but you can see some of my brief animation intros at V Santoni (user: demo, pass: guest), McCormick Beverages (user: demo, pass: guest), and Verstrada, Inc.. I've also been building the Advantrics demo site which showcases a lot of the different technology demos I've created.

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