What's Up?

This used to be my "projects" page, but I decided that

  1. I don't have enough projects going on to warrant a whole page devoted to my projects,
  2. I needed a page of current and upcoming events with random "what's been going on" things, and
  3. I didn't feel like making a main "What's Up?" page because that would involve changing the navigation bar on every single file on my web site. No, thanks.

So, here we go! You can read about current and/or recent stuff, upcoming stuff, and the projects that I've been working on (I couldn't bear to delete them from this page).

Current and Recent Stuff

[ 10.22.01 ] Guess what? I'm engaged! Steve proposed to me yesterday afternoon during our one-year anniversary picnic at Santa Cruz while Socks ran in circles around us. (I said "Yes.") I was pretty surprised because I thought he couldn't afford a ring, but the little sneaker (cute sneaker) got his parents' old rings and fixed them up for us. We are hoping to get married next June! After this romantic moment, Socks peed (and peed, and peed, and peed) in the car on the way home, finishing off a memorable afternoon...

[ 7.23.01 ] At last, I'm connected to the internet! In early June, I flew over to the east coast with the rest of my family for a family vacation. We went to Leslie and Ling Yi's house, then drove up to Maine for a week. It was beautiful! That was my vacation for the summer...

Lots of changes... first of all, our lease at 1811 Myrtle ended in June, so I had a chaotic week of trying to move, address wedding invitations for my friend Lucy, write letters to friends in Africa, and send Steve off to the Middle East by July 1st. Now I'm subleasing for two months in south Davis, about a two minute bike ride from where I work! I'm taking care of Socks while Steve is gone, and I'm enjoying getting to know my new housemates: Lucy, Emily, Beth, and Stephanie. I've actually been hanging out a lot with my old housemates, Mandy and Amber. We've been having weekly "craft nights."

Other things: I recently turned 23; instead of 6:30 am basketball, I've been having weekly 5:15 am biking dates with a friend; I've been making lots of pancakes; and my mom finally got email, so I've actually been able to email her!

[ 4.18.01 ] Not much new... still working, still selling themes pretty well, still trying to keep track of money and use it wisely. I got to go to my second Kings' game, thanks to Jason (from my work) who gave me two free tickets. Easter weekend Steve and I went down to my family's to spend the night. Daniel and Megan tired us out on Saturday and Steve slept 14 hours as a result. We had Easter dinner with Steve's family in Sacramento.

[ 2.7.01 ] After finally getting my Christmas newsletter online, about a month late, I've been trying to let people know about it. That's slow, too. Work is going well -- my FrontPage themes are selling really well! Steve got a dog named Socks (you can see a picture of both of them here) who's about 9 months old and is a lot of fun (and a lot of work). I decided to stop going to my Wednesday night discussion group, and I'm thinking of "discipling" Steve's sister, Ayren, who is a fairly new Christian. My dad most likely does not have leukemia (you can read about what was going on in my Christmas newsletter), so that's a relief. I've almost got my taxes done, and this month I've been trying to keep track of my money so that I can begin budgeting.

[ 1.11.01 ] Happy New Year! I'm trying to get an online Christmas newsletter together, but it's slow going. Anyway, work is still going well, Steve is doing well, and I just got back from Urbana, a big missions conference in Illinois. It was really good. I'm not any closer to knowing whether or not I'll be doing missions later in my life, but I did get a lot of help with thinking about money and resources and living simply. Earlier in December, I also flew to Chicago for Mary's engagement party. It was really fun-- we stayed in this very posh hotel (the Hilton Palmer House, and me, Mary, and John, her fiancee, stayed in the same room and same king-sized bed!) and I got to meet her friends. That was nice, especially with John's generosity (he paid for my plane ticket).

[ 11.27.00 ] Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my job. I'm still loving it, and you can check out some of the things that I've been working on at the Advantrics' demo site. One of these days I'll write more about my job and what exactly it is that I do there. Another thing that I'm thankful for is Steve Haffly, the boy that I'm dating. Hopefully I can get more info (and pictures) up about him, too. I'm thankful because I get to fly to Illinois twice this December: Once for my friend Mary's engagement party, and the second time for Urbana, a big Christian missions conference! I haven't been in Illinois since sixth grade, so this will be interesting. And finally, I'm thankful because after three years, I finally got a new pair of basketball shoes.

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No major events or plans coming up in the near future, which is kind of nice. I do need to start looking for a car. Any suggestions? Email me!


These are things that I've been working on for four years or four months.

For some reason, after I finished my last knitting project (wasn't much--just a rectangular shaped object), I went out and bought fifteen more skeins of dark blue yarn and started knitting another one. I think if I actually finish all my yarn, it may be as big as a blanket. I experimented with a thick-feeling stitch... we'll see how long this takes me!

Some of you may know that I finally finished memorizing Philippians (right before I left for Africa). I decided to start Ephesians, but I haven't been very consistent so far.

Finally, this web site! It started out as my summer project, but I have a feeling that it's just going to be my on-going project (for a long while, at least). If you want to, find out what's new or get info about this site.

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